Mr. Cheesesteak Philadelphia

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Mr. Cheesesteak Philadelphia

Mr. Cheesesteak

Every month starting in January 2008, we will crown a new Mr. Cheesesteak and post their photos right here on this website. Together they will reign, with Philadelphia as their kingdom and all cheesesteak lovers their loyal subjects.

Do you have what it takes to be Mr. Cheesesteak? Can you send us a quality photo of yourself holding a cheese steak and posing at a well-known Philly location, landmark, event or cheese steak place?

You can? Great – we look forward to hearing from you!

Please Note: File size must be under 500kb for each photo. Acceptable files are .jpg or .jpeg only! Your photos should show your face clearly, except for the Cheese Whiz!

First and Last Name:
Where in Philly do you live?
Your Photo 1:
Your Photo 2:
What's your favorite Steak Place?
How do you like your steak?

Tell us why you'd like to be
Mr. Cheesesteak:

Please identify the pictures for security.


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