Donkey's Place - Cheese Steaks

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Donkey's Place - Cheese Steaks

Donkey’s Place / Timeless Glory in Camden
1223 Haddon Avenue, Camden / (856) 966-2616
7 Tomlinson Mill Road, Medford, NJ / (856) 810-0445
1018 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City, NJ / (609) 399-9959

The WHIZ KIDS cross the Delaware and report back on Camden's classic landmark:

HALF WIT’: “This place is older than the cheese steak itself. During Prohibition, it was a Jewish speakeasy – the fake sign (‘Parkside Athletic Association’) and secret bell system are still there! In the 1940s it was bought by former Olympic boxer Leon 'Donkey' Lucas, whose punch ‘had the kick of a mule’.”
Big Cheese
BIG CHEESE: “Donkey’s steaks are unique – served on a poppy seed Kaiser roll and smothered in onions. I’m in love with this cheese steak, and apparently I’m not alone. When Eddie Rendell had his first Donkey’s steak, he wrote a letter to Bob Lucas (Leon’s son) begging him to move Donkey’s to Philadelphia!”
South Fillie
SOUTH FILLIE: “Timeless tradition is what Donkey’s Place is all about. The Lucas family has owned it for over 60 years and the nearby Del Buono’s bakery has delivered fresh rolls there for generations. My great aunt and her co-workers at the old Campbell’s Soup factory used to come here several times a week.”
Son of Swoop
SON OF SWOOP: “Last year, the boys and me got arrested at Madison Square Garden for mixing it up with some Rangers fans in the blue seats. At the police station, they gave us one phone call, so we called Donkey’s and ordered steaks. Donkey’s shipped ‘em by UPS and they arrived by the hearing date.”

Donkey's Place - Cheese Steaks


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Philadelphia, PA

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