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Frusco's Steak Shop - Cheese Steaks

Frusco’s / King of Frankford Avenue
7220 Frankford Avenue / (215) 333-0800

The WHIZ KIDS salute Frusco’s:

OZZARD OF WHIZ: “Why is Frusco’s cheese steak such a winner? It’s all about fundamentals and execution. Quality meat. Quality roll. Chefs who know what they’re doing. And plenty of really tasty Whiz slopped on for good measure. This place is a perfect illustration of why the Philadelphia cheese steak reigns supreme.”
Fried Onion
FRIED ONION: “Frusco’s is an unpretentious corner steak shop in a nice, clean, unpretentious neighborhood. You don’t have to be glitzy if the product is good. And here, it’s very good indeed – as both Philadelphia Magazine and Channel 10 recognized when they named Frusco’s steak the city’s best.”
GRETA NORTHEAST: “As much as I like Philadelphia’s outdoor steak places, there’s nothing wrong with being seated indoors at a comfortable table and enjoying a delicious steak on a freezing day or rainy night. Everything’s right at Frusco’s, including the cheese steak prices – almost $2 less than Pat’s or Geno’s!”
HALF WIT’: “Although Frusco’s looks and feels (and tastes) like one of the city’s great old steak places, it has actually only been there since 1994. But with 5 different kinds of cheese toppings, and excellent hoagies, roast pork sandwiches and other Phila-delicacies, Frusco’s figures to be around for quite some time.”

Frusco's Steak Shop - Cheese Steaks


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Philadelphia, PA

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