Tony Luke’s Old Philly Style

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Tony Luke’s Old Philly Style

Tony Luke’s Old Philly Style / Stadium Crowd Favorite
Oregon Avenue between Front Street and I-95, Philadelphia / (215) 551-5725

The WHIZ KIDS cheer Tony Luke’s:

SON OF SWOOP: “Yeah baby! For me and my buddies, the game doesn’t start in the stadium – it starts with a pre-game steak, when we park the car under I-95 in Tony Luke’s lot with its chain link fence and barbed wire. When I die, I want my body wrapped in paper like a cheese steak and buried beneath that parking lot.”
OZZARD OF WHIZ: “Tony Luke’s makes one of the best cheese steaks in town, and I’d go there for that reason alone. But their other stuff is outstanding too – burgers, hoagies, roast pork, you name it. Not sure about Son of Swoop’s rotting carcass wrapped in paper, though. I think I’ll pass on that one.”
SOUTH FILLIE: “I couldn’t believe it when Chef Bobby Flay thought he could beat Tony Luke’s in a cheese steak contest on TV. Tony Luke whipped his ass good. Sorry Bobby – Tony Luke’s is the King of Oregon Avenue. Not even a world-famous chef can make a better steak. Too bad you had to learn the hard way.”
FRIED ONION: “Talk about choices. You can get Cheese Whiz, mild cheese or sharp cheese, wit’ or wit’ out. You can get beef, pork or chicken. You can head to the stadium after eating, or you can cross the street to Tony Luke’s sports bar, watch the game on TV, and enjoy more cheese steaks all afternoon and evening.

Tony Luke’s Old Philly Style


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Philadelphia, PA

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